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The Rooms

7 rooms different from each other, equipped to meet all our guests’ needs.
The colour, true protagonist of the whole premises, makes them lively and welcoming..


the rooms are all equipped with a private bathroom, air conditioning, heating, flat-screen TV,
kettle with a selection of herbal teas and tea, hairdryer, toiletries, wireless Internet access.

M Rooms

M like Martinathe only female granddaughter and princess of the family, she chose for these rooms
the colour of the Sea, blue. It is featured in the rooms’ furnishings and details.

A Rooms

A A like Alessio, the youngest and most imaginative grandchild, whose colour could only be Orange.

G Rooms

G Like Giacomo the eldest of the grandchildren who is brilliant as the sun and with his vitality vitalità
iilluminates the days of the whole family; his colour, therefore, could only be yellow.

The Apartments

3 colourful apartments of various sizes that can accommodate from 2 to 6 people..